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What Not to Party Don't Pretend to like Something

By partysugar

I'm not a huge fan of processed or packaged foods and drinks. However I make one exception for Nestea iced tea mix, which I absolutely love. Today is National Iced Tea Day and whatever way you like your iced tea, you should treat yourself to a big sweating glass. If you're at a friend's house and offered a glass of iced tea when you in fact don't like it, just say no. I think it's ruder to pretend to like something you don't, rather than to deny it in the first place.

This always come to mind when I think of Nestea because I once served a glass to a girlfriend who hated it. She suffered through half the glass before bursting out, "Yuck I I can't take anymore of this - I hate iced tea!" I was horrified and heart broken, she wouldn't have hurt my feelings if she had said no in the first place.

If you pretend to love a certain food that you don't like, the hostess might note this and make it each time you come over. To really respect your hostess, when it comes to expressing your feelings towards food: make them clear about what you do and do not like.

What do you guys think, do you agree with me?

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