What do You do when Your Public School Can't Teach Your Child?

A mother in my community was recently told by her six year old daughter’s school that they don’t have the resources or the training to give her the challenges she deserves. This is the second school in our city that has let this family down.

I find this appalling.

The nation’s capital should be a model for the rest of the country, and yet, here we are, struggling to pull our school system out of the crapper. Yes, there are six schools following the IB requirements. Yes, we have some of the best high schools in the country — School Without Walls comes immediately to mind — but we can’t give our best and brightest what they need.

So you know what happens? They move out of the city.

Now, I’m all for improving our local schools, and making sure everyone has access to a good education, regardless of their ability to pay. But do I really want my child to be the guinnea pig upon whom the system experiments? Perhaps if I were still a stay-at-home mother, I could be a staunch advocate for my child and his friends; as a mother who works 60+ hours a week, I just can’t do it.

What would you do??

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