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Kids Can Go GREEN Too

By Anne

The ‘all’® small & mighty® “Go Green & Small with ‘all’” program is a nationwide eco-education program that challenges elementary students everywhere to rally for the cause and become mini-environmentalists to help their families make easy changes at home, including switching to eco-friendly products. The initiative underscores the notion that you do not have to be big - or do really big things - to make a mighty difference when it comes to protecting the environment.

Families interested in “going green” can join ‘all’ small &mighty 3x concentrated laundry detergent at The eco-site allows elementary school kids and their parents to complete their own Eco-Report Card where you can “grade” your family’s energy saving efforts in the living areas, kitchen and laundry room. Kids can also share their own Eco-Stories and photos, read Eco-Tips and play family-friendly games.

What’s best about this program is that the elementary school that submits the greatest percentage of Eco-Report Cards �" and the most passionate, original and environmentally-relevant Eco-Stories �" wins a $50,000 “greening” grant towards the school’s green improvements. In addition, nine other finalist schools will each win $5,000 to "green" their school. Each student of the school will also win a green iPod® shuffle with an environmentally friendly solar charger. Entries are due by November 26.

Kids are very aware of the world around them and embrace their responsibility to protect it,” notes Kim Carlson, environmental expert. “That’s why I’m helping ‘all’ small & mighty launch this nationwide environmental program �" “Go Green & Small with ‘all’” �" because it empowers kids to encourage their families to become more environmentally-responsible.” When it comes to protecting the environment, sometimes it’s the small things that make a BIG difference, like using a 3x concentrated laundry detergent that saves natural resources.

Picture by Dave (Gatorboy) Hoffmann

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