7 Ways to Deal with a Rebound Relationship …


Rebound relationships happen all the time. Sometimes they're too short, sometimes they last for three months until you just want to move so you can get away from the guy (ahem); sometimes they're therapeutic, and sometimes they're damaging. Regardless, there are myriad ways to deal with a rebound relationship, such as the following techniques and tips, which may help with your next rebound.

1. Listen to Your Instincts

First and foremost, you have got to listen to your instincts. For the most part, with a rebound, you kind of have to focus on doing whatever feels right. If you think something meaningful will be best, go for it. If you just want something casual, that's fine too. If you decide a fling is the best way to go, then do it up – just be careful!

Date outside the Box
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