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7 Ways to Regain Trust in a Relationship ...

By Melanie

Things can happen in a good relationship and turn it bad. If you want to stay together, then you need to find some ways to regain trust in a relationship. In a relationship, trust is an important thing to have – it’s merely impossible to be in a healthy relationship, without the trust being there. Sometimes, in a relationship, something happens and sometimes, it is not intentional. People make mistakes from time to time. I know, it’s easier said than done, but it is possible. Below, I am going to give you 7 ways to regain trust in a relationship.

7 Tell Them You’re Sorry

Of course, you need to tell them that you are sorry (if you did something wrong). Don’t say “I’m sorry,” just to say it. This is something that you should actually mean.

6 Time and Patience

I always say that time heals things. So, if you are trying to regain trust in a relationship, just give it some time and have some patience.

5 Take Responsibility

If you have done something wrong, then you need to take responsibility for it. You cannot sit there and point fingers in someone else’s direction – you will only be lying to yourself.

4 Be Honest

No matter what you do, you need to be honest with your partner. It goes without saying that honesty always pays off. Lying is not going to get you anywhere. Wait, lying will get you somewhere! It will get you in the dog house. So, unless you want to be sleeping with the dogs tonight, make sure you are honest.

3 Give Space when Needed

In order to build your trust back in a relationship, this will sometimes mean that you have to give your partner some time to think. During this time, they will decide whether or not they can get over what has been done.

2 Be There

For both you and your partner to regain trust in a relationship, you will need to be there. Show them that you love them and give the attention that is needed. A relationship needs to be fed through communication and love.

1 Consider Counseling

Sometimes, people make mistakes and sometimes, those mistakes are hard to overcome without the help of a professional. Therefore, if you find that you are not able to regain trust in a relationship and you have tried to do so, you need to think of counseling.

Those are 7 ways to regain trust in a relationship. Whether you take this advice or not, that is fully up to you. However, if you are married, then you should at least try – you should never just up and call it quits, unless you really want to. I could never see myself walking away from my husband, without at least trying – however, he hasn’t done anything bad. SO, are there any girls out there that feel as if they just need to walk away from the relationship? What type of feelings are you having?

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