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Must-Watch Movie of the Week Vicky Cristina Barcelona ...

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The director's Woody Allen. The cast: three gorgeous actresses, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall plus one hot Javier Bardem.

Put these all together and what have you got? One sexy, funny film set right in the heart of Spain: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".

Judging from the initial reviews and that clip from the trailer, this is gem of a movie from Woody Allen that you shouldn’t dare miss.

According to Perry Seibert from All Movie Guide:

… far from an outright endorsement of this seemingly selfish approach to the world, the movie takes a clear look at the inevitable emotional fallout from acting (or not acting) on your heart's desires… As it stands, Vicky Cristina Barcelona offers proof that Allen is still thinking about life and love, even if he isn't thinking as hard as he should about filmmaking.

The cast ****alone **would make you want to see the film at once, not to mention the **reputation of Woody Allen who's at the helm. And personally, I liked that trailer where Javier's character was brazenly inviting Vicky and Cristina for a weekend of "Art, food and sex."

Who wouldn't say no **to that? This is a must-watch movie and you have to find out yourself how the rest of it **sizzlingly goes.

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