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Valentine Project 3 Diane Clothespin

By Christine

And yet another cute Valentine project from Creative Imaginations.

Diane Clothes Pin #16321
Lisa Characters #16259
Art Warehouse Pink Argyle Paper #14584
Endearments Swatch Book Impress-Ons #14630
Mounting tape
Narrow black ribbon
Black acrylic paint
Silver pen
Exacto knife


1 Paint a Diane Clothes Pin with Black Acrylic and Let Dry

2 Cover Lisa Character Letters Spelling the Word “love” with Pink Argyle Paper, Using Both Sides of the Paper. Trim the Edges of the Letters with an Exacto Knife


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3 Edge the Letters with a Silver Pen

4 Using Endearments Swatch Book Impress-Ons, Apply Text to the Letters and White Borders onto the Clothespin, as Shown

5 Wrap a Length of Narrow Black Ribbon around Each Letter and Tie into Knots

6 Mount the Letters to the Clothespin with Mounting Tape

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