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Tyra Banks Pays Lunch Bill

By ingrid

Tyra Banks made good on the error of skipping out on an unpaid lunch bill by returning to the scene of the crime and rectifying the mistake. As a bonus, she even tipped the waiter a $100 tip. Lucky waiter!

She says, “We’re getting up and I’m like, ‘Russell, I got it (bill),’ and I’m opening up my wallet and (he said), ‘No Tyra, I got it…’ We leave and I read the damn Daily News and they’re saying that I’m cheap and I didn’t pay the bill.”

Banks owned up to the error during an appearance on TV talk show The View this morning, promising restaurant bosses she’d pay up immediately after the show - and she made good on her word.

The model not only turned up in person to apologize, she paid what she owed and offered her waiter a hefty $100 tip.

And now she wants an explanation from Simmons: “I couldn’t even find his butt… He didn’t think I paid, he said he was gonna pay and he didn’t… It’s embarrassing.”

Hehe. Well, good on Tyra. I’m sure her feeling up Rosie will make this slip-up go away in no time anyway.

Via | Hollywood

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