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Blanchett Weighs in at Time 100

By steph

Cate Blanchett’s official reason for leaving the Time 100 party last night only minutes after arriving was a prior commitment: She had tickets to see The Year of Magical Thinking. But perhaps the Notes on a Scandal star had also had enough of people sizing up her collarbones?

“She doesn’t look anorexic,” whispered one female partygoer as Blanchett breezed by. (She was referring to reports that the Aussie actress had shown up at the previous evening’s Costume Institute Gala looking emaciated.)

Rexy or sexy, Blanchett, according to Time, is one of the most influential people alive this year, along with Elizabeth Edwards, Michael Bloomberg, Ugly Betty star America Ferrara, and the other honorees who congregated at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Women entering the cocktail reception were offered an escort on the arm of a tuxedoed attendant; word was that a high-heeled attendee of last year’s Time 100 had lost her footing on the staircase. Inside, it was the kind of scene where presidential aspirant John Edwards has a long, heartfelt conversation with sensitive guitar guy John Mayer while ringed by television cameras.

The intense aura of mutual admiration filling the room inspired us to ask: Who’s No. 1 on your personal Time 100? We started with George Lucas, who looked as if we’d asked him the capital of French Guiana. “Ah, I don’t know,” answered the Star Wars auteur. (It’s Cayenne, by the way.)

Brian Williams fared better with the question. “She’s standing next to me,” he said, indicating his wife, Jane. (The NBC anchor paid his spouse tribute again during dinner, saying, in a toast, that being married to a superior person for 21 years had made him a better man. Eat your heart out, Arlene Gibson!)

Martha Stewart almost seemed like she was anticipating our question. “Sacha Baron Cohen,” she replied. Why? “Because no one’s expecting it!”

Matt Lauer had the most thoughtful response of all, one that indicated he had not only read the list and familiarized himself with its lesser-known members but given some consideration as to who among the honorees was truly the most influential. We’d gladly reprint it in its entirety if our vintage tape recorder hadn’t chosen that moment to shit the bed. Thanks anyway, Matt!

(courtesy of RadarOnline)

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