Shape Magazine-Tyra Banks…Hotter than Ever!

Here is the cover and one image from inside of the upcoming issue of Shape. Tyra Banks is on the cover looking more fabulous than ever!

Four months ago, Tyra Banks was in Australia shooting a segment for her hit show America’s Next Top Model, in which she was teaching contestants how to model bathing suits. The next thing she knew, a blurry, unflattering photograph of her in a one piece was splashed all over international tabloids and the web, along with some very nasty headlines. As bothered as she was by the photos, the former Victoria’s Secret model realized that the best strategy was to speak out, not run and hide.

“I want everyone to eat healthy foods,” she stresses.

“Sometimes the only thing in my kitchen when I got home at night was Tang and microwave popcorn, so that was my dinner,” she says. Today, she eats plenty of fresh fruits (her favorites: mango and papayas) and salads with chicken, shrimp, or other protein, and she snacks on crudités with onion dip.

She recently hired a part time chef to help her out in the evenings….

“He makes meals and leaves them for me when I get home,” she says. “I realized I needed to take better care of myself, and I knew this would be the best way to do that.”

“Whole months went by when I didn’t work out,” she admits. “Months! But then I’d get on a kick and become really motivated and do three miles every day on the treadmill for weeks.”

“Now I’m much more diligent,” she says. “I do treadmill intervals

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