High Rise Jeans Are on the Rise!

For all those who are anxious to move away from the "plumber crack" look stand by for the steady rise in your jean rise fit. Jean designers are starting to offer more mid to high rise options. Don't fear the rise! It's not your Mom's high waisted jean. Hot jean makers like Severn for All Mankind, Blue Cult, Citizens of Humanity and more are jumping on this newest of trends. Most are taking small one inch steps up but a few are doing the full waist thing. Why even Addison (Kate Walsh) of Grey's Anatomy was wearing a high waisted pair of trousers during the 2 hour show last week. So let's get used to this raising of the rise. We just love change!

Seven For All Mankind who is always an innovator and has a "favorite jean" status among many of the hot Hollywood types has it's "Colette" that comes in at an 8.5 inch rise. Chevron back pocket stitching and a straight leg. They don't stop there. You'll find a higher rise in their "Joyce" jean. This is a more skinny jean with 7's great back pocket detail. For those of you who are PYTs, add a long skinny tissue tee and a cropped jacket. Maybe a funky ribbon tied chunky necklace and a strappy flat sandal. This one also comes in a cropped style that is a must for Summer. We've already talked about they're really right for Summer "Dojo" jean. It's a must have trouser style with a wide let and an 8" rise. Once again that very booty flattering cross cut waistband and signature 7 embroidery on the back pockets and don't forget the leg slimming creases. Penelope Cruz was recently in LA wearing them with a simple tank on a warm day. Very nice. Find out how these jeans will fit you with thezafu jean fit finder!

AG Jeans is really getting into this new high rise frenzy with the "Elite" jean. The name says it all! The "Elite" takes this trend head on. This very well cut high rise jean is a classic 5 pocket that buttons just below the belly button. It's got a flare let and just enough stretch to hug all your sweet curves. What a great way to show off this new cut. OMG there's great gold signature stitching on the back pockets. Pump this look up with a cool Summer eyelet hip skimming top and a very tall espadrille. Yup....you rock! Find out how these jeans will fit you with thezafu jean fit finder!

So there are lots of choices for us to look at with this new figure flattering trend and I'd like to re visit really soon. This is gonna give you a good start and PLEASE do not fear the "high rise"! You just need to visit the zafu jean fit finder to find the perfect high rise fit for you! Apparently poor Jessica failed to do that before she attempted this great new look.

Talk to you soon. Live to shop and shop to live! Find out how these jeans will fit you with thezafu jean fit finder!

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