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T-shirts That Get You Dates Gigs and Possibly a Stalker or Two

By Brigitte

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Do you sometimes wish you could eliminate some of the human interaction from your social life? Reactee t-shirts let you create a personalized t-shirt printed with a slogan and a special code that anyone can send a text message to in order to receive a pre-programed response from you. People are using them for everything from advertising upcoming music gigs and sports events to gathering names for petitions and even soliciting phone numbers for dates.

Possible problems: The writing isn't that large. For anyone to read your shirt, then get the correct code and number to send the code to, it will require someone staring at your chest area at a fairly close range for longer than usual. Just be forewarned about that. Also, once someone has your code they can keep sending you their response over and over and over again hoping for more personal attention from you.

Many people are disappointed to find out there's nothing electronic or gadgety about the shirt itself. They picture some tiny receiver sending out messages from the actual shirt. Sorry, people, it's just a code and the number to send it to. You could make you own t-shirts with puffy paint once you have the codes and get theoretically the same results.
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