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Styles That Stick Tracksuits

By Sarah

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There isn't a single woman out there who hasn't at one point in her life worn it. It may not have been Juicy Couture, the brand most closely associated with it, but you know that you put one on.

I'm talking about The Tracksuit. Yes, it deserves capitalization because it just does.

It could have been made of terry cloth or velour. It might have been a designer brand or something from Target. It could have been red, white, blue, or red-white-and-blue. Heck, if you were like me, you had one in every color, for every occasion. By every occasion, I mean you wore the Target red all-cotton one to run errands on Saturday afternoon, and changed into a black "velvet" one studded with rhinestones, and paired with patent leather pumps out to dinner that night.

The funny thing is, with the way that The Tracksuit gets badly rapped, you would think the things would go the way of Uggs (or maybe that's just in my fantasy world), but they haven't. Juicy Couture is still selling them hard and fast, wth new colors and designs every season. Oh well, I have to admit, they are pretty comfortable and convenient.

But you'll never catch me going to a cocktail party in an LBT (Little Black Tracksuit).
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