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Time is Now an Issue - a Costume Shop Review

By Designer

This is a sponsored, 100% honest review of Learn more about paid reviews at has a large variety of costumes for any occasion, plus wigs, makeup, props and some pet costumes. It doesn’t, however, offer enough selection for everybody.

Their pet selection is tiny, and offers absolutely nothing for the fashionista doggie or cats at all. That’s my major gripe, but the shop also is missing what I need for my own costume (I’m making mine out of an adult pumpkin costume, but I’m making it into something else!) - they’re also missing my wig.

The plus sides of the stock are that there are more than the sexy costumes for women’s, and they even have plus sizes. (Some actually photographed on plus models - wow.)

So all in all, many people, many years, may find just what they need here. It’s probably more convenient than eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Sure, one finds anything there, but we have to deal with different sellers - so there’s a big guessing game we risk. Besides - bonus! - Halloween Express offers a “no hassle” return policy. Sweet - ya can’t get that with most individual sellers!

The good thing about Halloween Express is the express in the title is a part of the point. This established business cares about getting costumes to you in a timely manner. They have detailed information and tools to figure out when your shipment might arrive, but I didn’t find it that easy to use. Ya just have to inspect it closely.

Still, you should always know not to put off your costume or costume supplies shopping, especially when done online (however I must note that online stores probably run out of stock later than your local party shops). Nothing is ever guaranteed from any supply once October arrives.

If you are able, hurry hurry, time is an issue — get your costume secured (and/or possibly made?). Unfortunately, I am both moving and making my own costume. Eep! Certainly, when the orange and black season arrives, do keep in mind as an option - it’s certainly a fair shop, and I doubt it will flake out on your order.

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