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Styles That Stick Strand of Pearls

By Sarah

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If you've got nothing else in your closet beside a little black dress, then the only thing you need to have in your jewelry box is a strand of pearls. Whether they're an heirloom from your great grandmother, an anniversary gift from your significant other, or something you bought for yourself just last week, you've got to have them. In other words, if you don't have a set, it's time to dip into your savings and invest in a fabulous set of pearls. There really isn't an occasion where you can't wear pearls and look fabulous.

Pearls come in different sizes (diameters) and the strands come in different lengths, but the most basic, versatile is 5-7 mm diameter length (for me) is 18", which falls slightly below the space between my collar bones. It's a length that works for most necklines on dresses, as well as under a shirt or blouse worn with a suit. Oh girls, if a strand of pearls whispers "class' with a little black dress, they definitely scream "sexy power" when worn with a sleek black pantsuit!

I have a few strands. My grandmother gave me my first necklace sometime back when I was in college. Over the years, I've been gifted a few more strands in different colors and different lengths, but I always go back to the ones from my grandmother!
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