Come Party with Me: Travel Party - the Look & Music

In my opinion, the best part of a travel party is transforming each room to resemble a different country. With a little imagination, it's easy to come up with festive and fun decor.• Mexico: Dress the table with Mexican blankets and hang a Mexican banner in a crisscross pattern along the ceiling. Plate chips and dips in plastic sombrero shaped serving platters. Use bright candles, flowers, and clear glasses for the tequila sunrises. Create a playlist with your favorite Latin stars: Luis Miguel, Mana, and my personal favorite Paulina Rubio.• Japan: Set the scene with red, white, and black decorations. Instead of floral arrangements, place bamboo in small vases filled with black stones. Rest a cherry blossom Japanese shade along one of your walls. Floating candles add a zen and relaxing touch. Search iTunes for some fun Japanese tunes. I recommend Pizzicato 5 and Cornelius.
Russia: Ornate metallic gold decorations with red accents are perfect to create a lux Russian room. Cover furniture with fur throws and arrange flowers in open Russian dolls. For music play Tatu and your other favorite Russian groups.• England: Plaster the ways with images of the Royal family, soccer teams like Manchester United, and a Union Jack banner. Instead of a tablecloth, cover the table with old covers of Hello magazine. If using red, white, and blue decor, be sure to make it British rather than American. Robbie Williams, Anastacia, Joss Stone, The Spice Girls, New Order, Oasis, Elton John and the Beatles should be playing softly in the background.• Cuba: Make posters that say, Abajo Fidel (Down With Fidel) in large block letters and pin to the walls. Wrap Cuba Libre glasses in Cuban flag beads. Allow more musically inclined friends to play the Cuban bongos or turn on a regatton radio station.

Do you have a great decorating or music idea for my travel-themed party? Tell us in the comments below!

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