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Annie Lennox is Back with a New Album

By popbytes

good evening! i'm super excited about this post - annie lennox is back with a brand new solo album - and of course i simply adore her - heck what's not to love?!? i've been a fan of hers for a quite a long time - gosh when i was seven years old i purchased the eurythmics album touch on vinyl and i instantly became a lifelong fan of ms. lennox's amazing & haunting voice! (annie marked my very first music purchase along w/ madonna's 'like a virgin' - i still have both records in my possession!) she always has exuded an incredible androgynous style mixed with grace - plus her voice is still beyond stunning at age 52! the new album entitled songs of mass destruction doesn't release until october 2nd but i've thankfully i've got streams of the first track 'dark road' which totally blew me away - i can't think of even one track from ms. lennox that i don't care for - she really is a top notch musician & vocalist! (plus i'm sure many of you would agree that her first solo effort diva is one of the best albums ever - there's a video posted below of a live performance of her classic tune 'why'!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

i feel closer to my own cutting edge than before and my voice seems to be in it's prime - annie lennox

» listen to annie lennox's dark road [quicktime | [windows]

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