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'hancock' Still Filming on the Blvd

By popbytes

good morning & happy friday! earlier this week i posted some pictures from the hancock movie shoot taking place on hollywood blvd with will smith & charlize theron - as of yesterday they were still filming this big action sequence with a smashed truck laid out on the ground - i'm not exactly sure what's going on in the scene but something causes total pandemonium on the blvd - they've filmed a lot of scenes of people running for their lives all over the street - my work pals aaron & erik even went downstairs and sneaked into one of the extras scene where they ran across the street (they're pictured below) when asked who they were - aaron said 'oh we're friends of peter's' (referring to director peter berg) and they were allowed to stay! as much as it has been fun having this film being worked on right outside my work building - it has also been a total pain in the ass - besides the traffic nightmare - just walking around has been annoying - being stopped here & there - asked to hold up for five minutes while they film a scene - and having to take various alternate paths to get around the whole set-up - i'm so ready for them to be done and move on! anyways hopefully when i head to work in a few minutes the blvd will be back to normal...however i will have to see this film when it comes out next july just to see how this sequence turned out! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! (oh the blond lady below is ms. theron's stand in!)

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