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Camping Girly Girl Style ...

By Lauren

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My love/hate relationship with Juicy Couture turned to love about 8 months ago and to me those Juicy babes can do no wrong no matter how silly their product lines are. Case in point; theJuicy Couture Camp Survival Kit. Now every snooty rich kid that is forced off to camp can make the other campers feel like losers by showing off their designer camp gear.

What is in a camping survival kit anyway? For me it would be my Blackberry, a can of diet coke, a pack of gummy bears, and my YSL highlighter pen. For Juicy it is a pink camo drawstring bag to tote around all of your camping necessities. A pillow to rest your tired head, so much better than those germ ridden ones they force you to use on the camp grounds. Pink postcards to write home to mom and dad letting them know how much you love or hate them for shipping you off to camp. An address book and pen so you can keep in touch with your new friends, and of course a pink photo album so you can peg a name to a face. It gets hot and sticky out in the log cabin so a red translucent fan is a must have. Possibly the most important tool in the kit is the flashlight -- now you can stay up late reading US Weekly's and will have a nice beam of light to lead you down the dark woods to your bathroom in the ground.

Get one at Neiman Marcus for $95 and if the log cabin is booked and it's sleeping under the stars for you, you might need this too!

Happy camping.
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