Fashion Kitty's Favorite Things ...


Fashion Kitty's Favorite Things ...
Fashion Kitty's Favorite Things ...

Screw Oprah and her favorite things ... Just kidding Oprah, I love you. But seriously, other people can have favorite things too. And since I am the second coming of Oprah (haha). Here are a few of MY favorite things:

EMU Australia Women's Hip Boot I now own these in black and I can't take the off! Seriously, I want 2 more pair; one in chestnut and one in red (just to be crazy). These are BETTER than Uggs. They are less Ugg-ly and are so insanely comfortable. Get yourself a pair for the cold winters months.

**L.A.M.B. Fragrance by Gwen Stefani **This stuff is incredible. It also happens to be my secret man magnet potion, so men ... Watch out! Gwen has also added a solid perfume and lotion to the collection that I will need to get my hands on too. I think I finally found my signature scent.

**Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver) **I now own this fabulous camera! It takes AWESOME pictures and it's really easy to use. I have to say that I haven't used any of the fancy power shot features but my regular photos have never looked better.

**Biotherm After Sun Sparkle Cream **I tested out Biotherm's After Sun Sparkle lotion the other day and I am hooked, in fact I am wearing it right now. This lotion isn't all heavy and greasy like a lot of sparkle lotions I have tried, its light in weight as well as in fragrance. The sparkle factor is through the roof. I found myself staring at my legs during a meeting yesterday and was fascinated by the twinkeling of my hands pumping away on the keyboard.

**Smashbox 'Flawless Skin Protectors' Set**This has to be the best holiday gift on the market for beauty lovers. I won't put a thing on my face until I have a thin layer of Smashbox's Photo Finish on! And that's the truth. The full and travel sized are so necessary because you literally can't live without the stuff. I haven't tried the under eye brightener but if it works nearly as well as Smashbox's other products I am in for a treat. This is an awesome deal too because the full sized bottle is usually $42 and the travel tube is $18. This kit is only $49 and it comes with the eye brightener. Get one as a gift and one for yourself.

**Hue Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist Opaque Tight**Black opaque tights is something I can't and won't live without. They keep me warm and looking stylish all winter long. I don't like to go with anything too fancy since I will go through about 10 packs per winter, so Hue is the way to go. They are inexpensive and are made well. You can't beat that.

Angel Paisley Drawstring Pant: 2 b free 2B Free makes the softest most comfortable lounge pants around. As soon as I walk into the door after a long day at the office my uncomfortable pants drop and these babies go on. They are kind of pricey but the comfort is worth it and you can even find them on sale at discount stores. I snagged a pair at Loehmann's for $40.

**Lucky Country Gourmet Licorice **It is very dangerous to have this particular brand of red licorice by me. It is seriously the most delicious pieces of candy that has ever crossed my lips. Its soft, its sweet, its really bad for me ... all of the qualities I look for in a candy. You can buy this stuff online or at Trader Joes where it comes in a tub that supposedly had 15 servings, I can take it down in 5.

The Little Black Book of Style I can't believe I haven't recommended this yet! I kind of turned my nose up at this book before I read it (that was mean of me) but after reading it I take it all back. This book is great for wardrobe building. It takes you through all of the staples you should have in your closet and even tells you the history behind them. This is one book that should be on every fashionistas nightstand.

**Jenga**With the exception of playing with peoples emotions- Jenga is my favorite game. I happen to be Jenga masters so if you dare challenge the master please prepare yourself for a losing battle.

**Factory Girl (Unrated) **I am obsessed with this movie. I ordered it off of paper-view and watched it 3 times in the 24 hour viewing window. Then I drove all over town to find the movie on DVD ... 3 Best Buys, 2 video stores, and 2 Targets ... nothing. Finally I went to some spooky video store and the guy found some magical hidden copy for me. I brought it home and watched it twice. Love this movie.

**The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman **I can't say enough good things about S Factor. I have been taking classes for a year now and I can't imagine not taking them. The classes are so fun. They keep you fit, happy and of course a bit sexy. For those who can't make the class grab the book or DVDs to learn the moves. You won't regret it.

**Taverniti So Jeans - Peggy Jean in Antique Dark Blue **These jeans are my best friend. Seriously I have 3 pairs of the same jeans. 3 pairs is borderline psycho but these jeans turn heads. Word from the wise, if you find a pair of jeans that fit your body and make you feel good- buy them up in bulk. Imagine how sad you will be if the company stops making them or if you never find them again? Then I will have to say I told you so.

**Brandi Milne - Tea Party | iPod Nano (2nd Gen.) GelaSkins **My mom bought me this Tea Party gelaskin last year to protect my iPod Nano. I love it! It was easy to apply and it looks great. So much better than those bulky iPod covers and these are all designy and fancy so you won't look like a 12 year old decorating your gadget.

MD Skincare Cult Classic Set I have tried other skincare products but it always goes back to my MD Skincare. When I use MD Skincare my skin looks radiant, healthy and utterly fabulous. The cleanser is the best, but the peel is pretty nice too for a fresh start. Also in their line is this great blemish gel, its $$$ but it works.

Kind Fruit/Nut Bars I just finished eating one of these bars (well about 2 hours ago) and let me tell you ... delicious! This ranks up there with Larabars, heck it may even beat them.. Taste was great, low in calories, pretty low in fat too. I had the walnut & date bar and it was so good. I highly recommend.

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