Drama I like - Jessica Vs. Vanessa


oh this is drama i live for - this week's **STAR** magazine is reporting about a rumored spat between jessica simpson & vanessa minnillo over hairdresser ken paves - popbytes loves a good cat fight! although ms. simpson has lost my support - i can't stand ms. minnillo - so if i had to pick sides on this one - i'm totally for jessica - that vanessa is a shifty one - i don't trust her at all - nick lachey needs to keep his wits about him! check out the scan below - i love when they put pictures like that side by side - adding to the overall drama! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

jessica simpson and vanessa minnillo are feuding over a man - but this time it's not nick lachey! it's mane man ken paves, whom vanessa is courting! "jessica is furious with vanessa for going after her longtime stylist, ken," says a source. "vanessa had her assistant contact ken in march to find out his availability. so vanessa called ken in early april. he told her he'd be happy to take her on." well, that didn't sit well with jessica! "she found out," says the source, "and lashed out at ken and called him a traitor and tried to force him to choose between her and vanessa!"

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