Happy Birthday StyleCrazy


Happy Birthday StyleCrazy
Happy Birthday StyleCrazy

Feliz Cumpleanos!!

It has been one year since StyleCrazy made it's debut into the blog world! I hope there are many more to come. I really enjoy reporting all of the season's fashion trends and my favorite looks. Thank you to everyone who has been reading from the beginning and thank you to all the new fans!
To the trends...!

Trapeze shapes are popping up all over. Some of these volumous looks are also called lantern shapes. This makes me very happy because there are some things that I like hiding. This look hides wide hips and stomach. We don't have to wear muu muu's anymore ladies!(Not that I ever did). This look works on everyone. If you have a large bust, go for more stretchy fabrics, like jersey. For smaller chests, wear the stiffer fabrics. There are also so many layering options with this trend. Tights, belts, tees, or jeans work so well. Try on what looks best on you. Some of these shapes look really pretty on the hanger or on the mannequin, but it might look like a potato sack on you!


Betsey Johnson

Wow! After all the skinnyness, it looks like the fashion world is ready for wide leg pants. I remember the flared and wide legged look from a few years ago, but these wide leg pants are really really full. A lot fuller than what I used to wear at least. And I like 'em! I will wear the heck out of this trend.


Jada Pinkett- Smith


Eva Mendes

I've been hearing everywhere about the daytime clutch. This concept would have worked so well for me a few years ago, when I hardly carried anything around and didn't have any real responsibilties. This days I NEED the Extra Large Tote bag. I'm not knocking this trend, though. I think it's really cute. The daytime clutch look is usually in brighter colors with fancy hardware or cute patterns.
Me Despido Por Ahora

Vanessa Minillo


Lauren Merkin

Lauren Merkin

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