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hello hello hello! i'm sure like most of you - i'm totally relieved that it's friday night and the work week is over! when i was flying back to los angeles on monday i tried to watch a movie on my laptop but i couldn't deal - so i popped in my new **scooby-doo** DVD - the complete 3rd season - which was perfect since the episodes are about thirty minutes long - gosh i have the attention span of a fly on a plane! plus i had been meaning to watch scooby & his pals - for sure the series was my top cartoon when i was a kid - there's still nothing that's quite like it (the live-action flicks suck ass!) thankfully these episodes take place before scrappy's arrival - i didn't care for him one bit - he ruined everything! below are some fun scooby clips - i needed something mindless & fun to write about tonight - i'm burnt! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

Β» scooby-doo - where are you! the complete 3rd season clips!
β€’ CLUE quicktime | real | windows
β€’ HEART BEAT quicktime | real | windows
β€’ ICE quicktime | real | windows
β€’ INTRO quicktime | real | windows
β€’ THE PROFESSOR quicktime | real | windows
β€’ UNLOCKED DOOR quicktime | real | windows
β€’ WILLAWAW quicktime | real | windows

scooby-doo, where are you! the complete third season features the last 16 episodes which originally aired as part of the scooby’s all stars series. within these 16 captivating capers, scooby-doo, shaggy, daphne, fred and velma tackle the tar monster, face down iron face and trek the globe for ghosts galore from a menace in venice to the warlock of wimbledon. these fabulous adventures of the sleuthing canine and his mystery inc. pals will easily solve the case of any cartoon fan’s entertainment needs.

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