The Latest Fuss over Kate Moss for Topshop


The Latest Fuss over Kate Moss for Topshop
The Latest Fuss over Kate Moss for Topshop

It seems that the backlash towards Kate Moss for Topshop has begun already, despite her clothes not even hitting the shops yet. Last week Kimberley reported how the tide had begun to turn on the Croydon-born supermodel, but over the weekend even more controversy occurred.

A lot of fuss seems to have been made over a comment from Simon Doonan from Barneys who referred to Kate as a "working-class slag from a crap town, like me!" Doonan will be personally styling the display which begins the Topshop invasion of the US when her collection will be available in Barneys.

He went on to say that she has a "sphinx-like cool, she's a girl with a genuine mystique. You have to understand the concept of TopShop in Britain - there is really no equivalent here. It has fashion cred, street cred - it cuts across all socio-economic lines. It has a bizarre, democratic cool and Kate is the perfect person for them."

Not quite the bitch-fest that certain tabloids may suggest. Personally, I'm not really sure what all the palaver is about, surely the only people who are actually offended by that comment are the Croydon tourist board? [Via SLAGGING MATCH]

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