Top 7 Books on Enterprise Content Management ...

There are many people interested in enterprise content management, especially since so many personal small businesses are being launched. ECM is a huge part of maintaining a company and also in making it highly productive. I've listed 7 of the best books I found (in order of personal preference) and wrote a little comment on what I think about each one.

7. Document Management System

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My Comment: I didn't list the subheading that goes along with this title because it would have been a paragraph in itself. This is an extremely informative book, but I listed it as number ten because it deals more with the document management system involved. DMS is considered to be an important component of enterprise content management systems, but it just didn't attract my attention as much as the other books I have listed. I don't know if having a title long enough that I couldn't say it in one breath had anything to do with it or not!

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