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Hollywood after Dark

On April 2, Jessica Alba was spotted at Winston’s involved in an intense convo with a guy who was not boyfriend Cash Warren.

Of course, Lindsay Lohan made her presence known in her attempt to control the DJ’s play list and then smoking in the club, a MAJOR NO-NO!

“Entourage” star, Kevin Connolly and Haylie Duff were all over each other, and then left together; When will they admit they’re a couple?

There’s already trouble in paradise fro Paris Hilton & Josh Henderson; Paris was standing on a couch while people shouted: “You’re so hot,” and “I love you!” Paris loved it, but Josh told her to sit down. A PO’d Paris turned on him, yelling: “This is what I do! This is what people expect me to do! Let me do what I want, Josh!” There was tension between the two for the rest of the night.”

“Will & Grace” Star Disgraces Plane Trip with Tantrum

“Will & Grace” star Eric McCormack pitched such an out-of-control hissy fit aboard a plane that the incident was reported to the FAA, sources say. The 44-year old erupted after the crew told him that a booster seat he brought onboard for his 4-year old son, Finnigan, was too large, violated regulations and had to be stowed with the luggage.

The actor was taking an Alaska Airlines flight from L.A. to Vancouver when crew members barred the non-regulation booster. “Eric screeched like a banshee when he didn’t get his way,” said the insider. “He yelled at crew members- telling them his family had used the seat on many flights in the past,” said the insider. “But the price tag was still on it. And when an attendant turned over the seat, a warning label said ‘not to be used on aircraft!’” A representative for Eric told The Enquirer: “The McCormack’s followed the regulations with very little fuss, but still believe their son would be safer in his car seat. They did not jeopardize the safety of any crew member of the airline.” However, the insider reports that “the booster seat battle turned what should have been a routine flight into an uproar.”

The Hulkster’s Marriage is Down for the Count

Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, 53, has secretly consulted a divorce lawyer about ending his 23-year marriage with his wife Linda, 46, sources tell The Enquirer. Despite that, the two are still together taping the fourth season of the reality show “Hogan Knows Best.” “The marriage is over. The show is the glue that’s keeping them together,” divulged a source. “It’s Hulk who wants out. With the kids grown, he feels it’s time to move on.” The source also told The Enquirer: “they’re not hiding their problems from the cameras. But what hasn’t been filmed is the fact that Hulk secretly consulted a divorce attorney.”

Clooney’s New love is Twice-Divorced Single Mom

George Clooney is hiding a beauty of a secret. The 45 year old star has been dating gorgeous 29 year old model Jennifer Aguero under the radar for the past three months, The Enquirer has learned exclusively. The relationship is getting serious, say pals and relatives. “They met in a South Beach club and have been quietly dating the last few months,’ Jennifer’s grandmother Camille Cerwonka told The Enquirer. “He just flew her up to do a small part in his new movie.” Despite his demanding work schedule, the Oscar winner has made time for both Miami based Jennifer, who has two boys, ages 10 and 3.

“George is funny and adorable, and Jennifer is a beautiful and genuine person,” Grandma Camille added. And Jennifer’s grandfather John Schumacher says: “George is a very lucky man. She’s a very beautiful girl.” But there may be disappointment ahead for the handsome movie star. Warns an insider: “Jennifer broke both of her husbands’ hearts.”

Cop from Village People Faces Prison

The cop from the Village People, singer Victor Willis is in double trouble with the law

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