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Paternity to Be Revealed Tuesday in Smith Case

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The world will finally learn the identity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy on Tuesday, according to TMZ. Meanwhile, two of the former Playmate's diaries were made available to the press on Thursday and will be auctioned off along with a self portrait and several other pieces of Smith memorabilia. In one diary, Smith writes about her relationship with Guess CEO Paul Marciano, saying in June, 1992, " O my Gosh!! Paul Marsiano called today to see if I got his books also I'm gonna go to San Antonio to do photo shoot. I'm so excited!! I can't believe this. This could be it." And two months later, Smith writes of the elderly Howard Marshall, "Howard has been buying me som jewelry but he call me 15 or 20 times a day it drives me crazy. I love him but he aggravates me somtimes. I don't no what to do about Paul hes a strange guy. I hate men to want sex all the time." In the second diary, thought to be from 1994, Smith writes of Marshall, "Hes so very weak and fragile When I touch him Im afraid he might break. If Jesus desides to take him I dont no what I'll do. I love him so much it hurts me to site and watch him when hes hurting I just want to hold him touch him let him no how much I care." A Dallas-based auction house bought the journals from an anonymous German businessman and expects them to fetch as much as $100,000.


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