Pop Nosh: Leonardo - Set to Be a Daddy?!?

rumors come & go so quickly these days! first we all thought leonardo dicaprio was to be a dad...

...but his reps quickly told 'US weekly' the story is 100% B.S. - there's no baby leo on the way!

yikes! i'm not feeling kylie minogue's blonde bob at all & why does her face look so damn tight?!?

harry morton is dealing with lindsay lohan's pipes once again - literally - like her real pipes!

drew barrymore scored herself a high profile cosmetics campaign! she's the new face of covergirl

who thinks that courtney love lost all that weight by just dieting? of course she got some help...

gosh i really liked hulk hogan & his wife linda & now there's rumors of an impending divorce!

britney spears can stop going to laker games - the guy she was interested in has a girlfriend!

while we're on the spears topic - here she is prancing around in another horribly wrong outfit!

one more brit bit - she was spotted at a dance studio! woo hoo - 'a step' in the right direction!

hey what about those rumors about lindsay lohan 'playing around' w/ female DJ samantha ronson?!?

brad & angelina are getting themselves a $270 million dollar yacht - w/ a SUBMARINE! i want one!

fergie told alanis she loved her version of 'my humps' by sending her a cake shaped like an ass!

this'd be a slow week w/o a new sextape - there's now one from idol (S2) contestant olivia mojica!

if we all just hold out a little longer we can all chip in to buy 'neverland ranch' and share it!

one a final sad note...famed author kurt vonnegut passed away at the ripe age of 84 - RIP kurt

jennifer lopez does idol**what the buck?** skank edition

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