K-FED's EX Had a Little Surgery ...

Shar Jackson finally feels sexy again thanks to some help from a Long Beach, Calif., plastic surgeon. Jackson splurged $15,000 of her pennies to transform her NOT HOT body.

"Shar had liposuction at Cosmetic Care in September and then again over the holidays," says an insider. "She had another treatment a few weeks ago." The pal says Shar, 30, had the work on her tummy and jawline. Shar, who's the mother of Kevin's older children, Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2, admits she was ready to start feeling good about herself again. "I have had four children and was not happy with my body," the former Moesha actress tells In Touch. "I feel good about it and am busy recovering right now. And yes, it hurts a lot."

Here are a few surgery photos:

And Shar's New Body:

Well, what do you think? Me, I can barely see a difference. Maybe a tad bit at her tummy but, with a little hard exercise she probably could have gotten to her new shape anyway. But, you know us girls, we want it right now and don't want to wait 6 months for the results. Do ya think that Britney's $$$$$ helped pay for this?

Via straightouttanyc.blogspot.com

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