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Heath Hints at a Marriage

By celebrity

Heath Ledger once again dodged questions about whether he and his baby mama Michelle Williams have tied the knot in a brief interview with Newsweek, though his responses lean towards a positive answer.

Are the reports true that you and Michelle Williams got married? "We try not to talk about it, to keep it our own kind of thing. It's obviously very sacred. People write stories regardless. The stories haven't necessarily been bad. So we're letting people run with their assumptions."

It's not like people won't eventually find out. "That's right."

And yet, how will we ever know for sure if you never say anything? "They take photos of us wearing our wedding rings."

I've seen those photos. So I take it that you are married. "You can write whatever you wish."

Why don't you just make the announcement now and get it over with? "We're not ones to announce."

As the Joker in the new Batman movie, have you tried on the mask yet? "Metaphorically, yes. I've been bouncing around like a lunatic for four months. I definitely have a different take on him, but I've yet to do a proper makeup run. It's on the agenda."

Do you walk around the house all day practicing your laugh? "I'd be lying if I said I haven't been."


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