Finding out He's Married

I’ve got a close friend that’s been dating a man for several years. The man is married and keeps promising to leave his wife as soon as the kids are grown.

My friend believes him!

Over the last 10 years I’ve gone from being single to being married. During my own single days, I was lured into falling in love with a married man (I didn’t know he was married or separated rather). I can see how easily a person can fall in love and not want to let go.

Once I did find out, I became haunted by my own heartbreak of knowing that I was in love with a man that could not be in love with me and even more by the sense of guilt over the fact I’d fallen in love with another woman’s husband.

Now this is a man who actually took his son along with me and my kids to a show. Why would I have suspected anything out of the ordinary?

I’ll never forget the horrifying phone conversation I had when his wife managed to find my number in his cell phone.

I broke it off with him immediately. I couldn’t go on pretending not to know the truth any longer and I certainly couldn’t hurt another woman the way I’d been hurt by my previous marriage.

For the life of me, I just can’t fathom how women can remain in relationships with men who are married and keep dishing out those pillow promises of a future when in fact, that rarely ever does happen.

Even if the man were to leave his wife for her in the future, will she ever really be able to trust him? Will he ever be able to trust her?

Makes you wonder!

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