TMG Luxury Safari Suite ...

TMG Luxury Safari Suite ...
TMG Luxury Safari Suite ...

Nestled in the penthouse of the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills was the TMG Luxury Suite. I was greeted by the most gorgeous cat I had ever seen, an allerca. It has the markings of a leopard and will ultimately grow to about 25-30lbs. It's supposedly a domestic cat that has been bred with the lines of exotic ones and my, it is stunning, however dubious I am about how truly domesticated it is. I'm more of a mutt kind of girl and save animals from rescues rather than getting them from breeders, especially ones who call them "lifestyle pets," but not everyone is me, so if this is something you find of interest, lovely. Swagtime is here to share this info with you.

So thus began my mini safari at the TMG suite, although not everything had a safari theme. Next I met up with the nice people from Opalescence Teeth Whitening who showed me the Treswhite pre-filled, adaptable and disposable teeth whitening trays. No molds needed, just bite into the upper and lower pre-molded and pre-filled trays and 30 minutes later you're on your way to whiter brighter teeth. The best part is that these trays come in peach, melon or mint flavors. I was already a fan of the toothpaste so I look forward to whitening my lower teeth (unfortunately I have veneers on top which the gel doesn't quite work for).

Then I was dismayed to have to say no thank you due to my schedule to Kelly, the Spa Director from The Body Sanctuary, who offered to have a very studly man do some cranial sacral work on me. It was so hard turning down someone massaging my aching temples, but I promised her I'd come back and experience it. The Body Sanctuary is in Westlake Village, CA and does everything from spa treatments to acupuncture and Botox.

Melodie, a clairvoyant who was on site to do readings, told me that I was on the right path (did she mean I was literally on the right way to the next room or in my life I wonder) as yet again I didn't have time to indugle in a reading. She did share with me she works with many celebrities (can you say the Lenny and the Shirley?!?) but also with law enforcement and most recently with those suffering from anorexia and bulemia. I'm not sure exactly how that works, but it's fabulous however it works. Check out Melodie at

When I found the next room it was delightful as I reencountered my friends from Fashion Forms who are known for their undergarments and especially their silicone accessories that you can wear instead or or in conjunction with, lingerie. The newest items are the Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals that can be reused up to 25 times and the U Plunge Bra, perfect for special occassion dressing.

Also hanging out in the cozy room with Fashion Forms were our friends from Beverly Hills Mutt Club who carry the most adorable items for your pooch (usually those on the smaller side). I plan on trying this special shampoo for black and white dogs from Isle of Dogs they gave me. I then tried to suggest to the folks from Edwards-Lowell, Beverly Hills furriers, that they may want to design a coat from the dog hair my girls will shed after I bathe them, but they didn't quite see the brilliance in my idea. Edwards-Lowell have been around for over 60 years and are the best in town. Then I turned around and was thrilled to run into the talented team from Right Bank Babies whom I had met earlier this year. They make highly practical, yet funky and colorful jumpers for your two-legged little ones.

Then I have to tell you, I saw some of the most gorgeous jewelry I have ever seen from Manak. Manak is known for its colorful piece. I definitely do the pieces justice when I took a photo of them, but I've never seen such vivid colors that look so elegant.

And if you're gonna wear these gorgeous jewels (they also have delicate diamond bands as well if you're not ready for the big stuff) you should be taking care of your skin, and you can certainly do that with the A.G.E. Total Defence moisturizer from G.M. Collin Paris. Use that plus the eye cream and you're good to go as the innovative G.M. Collin has had the award-winning best new product for the past 6 years as awarded by Dayspa 2006.

The coolest thing though was The Hollywood Collection, which is a nationwide tour of fine collectable jewelry formerly owned by Hollywood nobles. Here is a picture of Clark Gable's pocketwatch, that Marion Davies (girlfriend to Hearst) gave him. She inscribed the back, "To Clark, Remember Me? Love Marion." I took some shots but they came out blurry - sorry. Jewels for Charity presents this tour in retail jewelry stores, art galleries and museums across the country and when an item is sold at fair market value the funds will go to the charity of the jewelry donor's choice. There is the Eva Gabor collection, Madonna's tiara from her wedding to Guy Richie, Bing Crosby cufflinks and more. Visit

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