Thrustmaster Releases Run'N'Drive

Thrustmaster is well known for coming up with a bunch of gaming peripherals that give gamers precise controls even under the most stressful gaming situation. The company aims to outdo itself once again by lifting the veil on the Run'N'Drive game pad which works on both console and PC platforms, namely the Playstation 3 Playstation 2. This is one of the very first game pads that work equally well on any game, be they party games, platformers, first person shooters, flight simulators, or even racing games. The main focus of the Run'N'Drive is the Optical Wheel that offers spot-on precision whenever you hit the race tracks. This same Optical Wheel can also be used to zoom in an FPS environment, while aerial stunts and tricks can be pulled off easily in flight simulators.

All buttons on the Run'N'Drive are programmable to suit your needs, and since these buttons are pressure sensitive as well, they really crank up the realism by a few notches, most noticeably when you're applying brakes or putting the pedal to the metal in a racing game. The Run'N'Drive game pad should be available at a retail store near you at time of publishing.

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