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Photo on the Desk

By Sasha

Having photos on your desk in the workplace somehow gives a boss, colleague or guest a glimpse of your personal life. In my opinion, the normal practice is to have such photos of people can be either of your family, friends, or someone special. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

In principle, I’d rather keep my personal life, private, hence, no photos nor wallpapers on my laptop that I bring to the office. But that doesn’t mean I frown upon people who does. Like I said, it’s pretty normal.

The real question is — if you know a person who’s single who has a photo displayed on his or her desk of someone whom he or she is seen going out with — wouldn’t you assume that that person on the photo is either a girlfriend or boyfriend or at least someone he or she is seeing romantically?

The reason why I ask is I recently heard of such a situation happen but the person denies having had any relationship with the other. Egad. I can’t help but ask myself, “Then why the photo on your desk? Why be seen going out with this person multiple times? Why does everyone, even your boss, think that you guys are together? Is it just because you’re dating somebody else? Gawd.” I pity the person on the photo. Ok. Scratch that. I pity that person in denial.

I’m quite baffled by all of it. You see, that photo on the desk says a lot about the whole situation. What do the rest of you think?

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