Review Spiezia Organics


Review Spiezia Organics
Review Spiezia Organics

The first thing you notice about Spiezia Organics is that the packaging is pretty glam for an organic brand. The pots and bottles are an elegant opaque inky blue with silver caps that really set them aside from the packaging of some competing brands.

On this occasion I tried two products - Restorative Body Balm and the Body Oil. The Restorative Body Balm helps to remedy already formed stretchmarks in pregnancy and counteract new ones whilst improving the elasticity of the skin. It's a waxy pale green substance in which you can quite satisfyingly squidge in your fingers and massage on to the skin where it instantly sinks in . The sweet fragrance is a blend of coconut, rose petal, lavender and many other ingredients none of which were overpowering but did remind me of green tea. My skin felt rich and super soft afterwards and the scent lasted for ages which was very pleasant and so much nicer than artificial creams. 120ml £38.40

The massage oil was presented in screw top bottle and it could have really benefitted from a droplet cap so you could control the flow of the oil but it wouldn't deter me from regular use. The oil is made up of a blend of oils, including jojoba and almond oils, all known for their excellent skincare properties and containing Vitamin E.

It's designed to be used after bathing when your skin is most receptive to absorbing the nutrients. With a woody, earthy scent, the oil was thicker than other well known body oils which was great as it didn't immediately run off my palms and over everything else in sight. Not only did my skin get a liberal dose but my hands felt great afterwards too without being sticky or oily. 100ml £22

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