Interactive Mirrors Lets You Try on without Taking off

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Yeah, you know what it's like to go shopping for new clothes. Much ado, and you often walk away with nothing, right? You have to make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable, clothes that are easy to slip on and off, and you have to look halfway decent iwth hair and makeup otherwise everything, no matter what, will look bad on you. And when you actually get to the store, what a pain to keep changing in and out of clothes.

Thanks to new technology, clothes shopping got a little bit easier. In the Nanette">">Nanette Lepore deaprtment at Bloomingdale's in New York City, they are testing interactive mirrors that allow customers to "try on" clothes without having to actually go into a fitting room. A screen projects images of clothes on the shopper who can see what it looks like. The interactive part comes in when the image is sent to a website where the shopper's friends can see and make comments.

While some may think that this technology is useless, if it actually works, I would love it. I often go shopping on a whim (which means alone), and when I can't decide, end up taking pictures of myself with a cameraphone and sending it to my sisters asking for their advice.

[via: Josh Spear]
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