Keep Your Business to Yourself


Keep Your Business to Yourself
Keep Your Business to Yourself

I am super irritated by the latest trend of clear PVC see thru bags; not only are they ugly and cheap looking, they're outrageously expensive (like this Dolce bag - $1,725 for a piece of plastic crap). Why would you want to expose all of your personal belongings to the world? How embarassing each month during that "time" to have your feminine products in full view. This is an extension of the pantyless generation who flash their baby making parts at photographers desperate for attention so unless you are Paris, Brittany, or an employee at Neiman Marcus, there is no reason to be caught dead with any of these ridiculous bags. And seriously, keep your business to yourself! At Neiman Marcus

UPDATE: I was so agitated I forgot to mention the detriment to the environment and to our health from production of PVC! This is why there are so many weird cancers in Taiwan (the world's largest manufacturers of PVC). Read our next post about "I'm not a plastic bag" and how you can help!

More PVC bags for your entertainment after the jump

Kate Spade lobster and poppy PVC bags. The ugliness of these bags speak loudly for themselves.

Lambertson Truex PVC bag, not as hideous as the ones above but still, 500 bucks? Total rip off.

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