Speed Read Feed for March 11 2007


Speed Read Feed for March 11 2007
Speed Read Feed for March 11 2007

Democratic meltdown over Fox News participation in Nevada Democratic debate- Las Vegas Review

Infant baby kidnapped from Houston hospital- My Way

USC football players in hot water over โ€˜White Nationโ€™ Facebook group- Daily">https://www.dailytrojan.com/media/storage/paper679/news/2007/03/08/News/Facebook.Group.Lands.Usc.Football.Player.In.Hot.Water-2764591.shtml">Daily Trojan

Film โ€˜300โ€ฒ is on track for the biggest March opening ever- Deadline Hollywood

Bin Laden followers celebrate the terroristโ€™s 50th birthday- My Way

NASCAR drivers are ripping apart Goodyear tires and the new Las Vegas track- USA Today

FBI abuses could lead to Patriot Act limits- L.A. Times

Google buses help their workers beat rush hour traffic- N.Y. Times

Christina Aguilera reinvents herself again with new tour- San Francisco Chronicle

Extended daylight savings time hopes to become an energy saver- Canada

Iraqi terrorist group leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi arrested- Outside the Beltway

Former gay porn star Matt Sanchez now popular right wing commentator- CWW

French writer Jean Baudrillard has passed away at the age of 77- BBC

Captain America assassinated by sniper on courthouse steps- L.A. Times

101-year-old woman mugged over $33 dollars- CNN

Man saves bulldog in Nebraska with mouth-to-mouth CPR- Fox News

Anna Nicole Smith case popular topic in U.S. law schools- MSNBC

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