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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt - Virtual Hunt Real Eggs

By SaraKalmus

It was news to me that there was a phenomenon in England called 'Hotel Chocolat'. Fantastic, I thought. A hotel where everything they serve is made of chocolate! Perhaps chocolate even comes out of the taps, I mused. Maybe the furniture is made of chocolate. Lulled in this delicious fantasy, my mind picturing the childhood dream of Willy Wonka's chocolate river actually being real, I went to visit the hotel website.

It's a brand of chocolate. Not a real hotel.

The disappointment that followed my sad discovery was mitigated a little by the Online Virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

It's an online trail to test your chocolate knowledge, searching the net for answers to chocolatey questions, the answers to which reveal a password that unlocks a secret area of the Hotel Chocolat (Disclaimer: not a real hotel) website. Once you're there, you can enter a free prize draw to win one of twenty luxury Hotel Chocolat Easter Hampers. And you get free delivery on a Hotel Chocolate order for the trouble of entering. The competition is open until April 2nd, and anyone who wins because they saw this post is kindly requested to share their booty with me.

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