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What better way to wrap up my backstage coverage than with a great RED LIP!

The backstage experience at Proenza was bustling with energy and packed to the gills with editors, photographers, dressers, PR girls, makeup artists, hairstylists, and models - definitely the busiest backstage I'd seen all week! It was so crammed with people that I actually got stuck in the craft service area with model Coco Rocha when I squeezed in to grab a mini cupcake. But I digress! On to the beauty.

All the models at Proenza wore black hats over their eyes, so the focus was all on the lips. Gucci Westman Neville created two lip looks; a gorgeous, juicy red, seen here, and a natural nude. I'm loving the red, so let's focus on that one!

Gucci blended about four colors to create this fab red lip, but if you want to recreate it for yourself, she recommends **Lancome Color Design Lipstick** in Red Stiletto topped with **Juicy Tubes** in Pure (clear).

Eyes were simple in neutral shades from the **Artist Palette** in Couture Warms, and cheeks were enhanced with various shades of **Magique mousse blush**, to complement each girl's complexion. (I am a big fan of these blushes; they're so easy to work with, nearly impossible to mess up, and come in 10 great colors. Right now I am loving Cinnamon Glaze and Subtle Fluff.)

Thank you so, so much to Elizabeth, Kerry, Erica, Sarah, and everyone at Lancome for making this coverage possible! Can't wait for next season...

photos: Beauty Addict

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