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Runway Beauty Backstage at Doo.Ri

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Tuesday was a crazy day; can you tell? I started at Derek Lam in the morning, all the way over in Way West Chelsea (land of old warehouses and lots of wind), then hung out at the Empire Diner with a bunch of photographers for about an hour before heading to Behnaz, another 6 blocks away in Way West Chelsea. Then it was back to the Tents in Bryant Park to see Tom and Orlando again at Doo.Ri. And did I mention it was 15 degrees? Brrr!

Thankfully, it was warm backstage at Doo.Ri. Tom Pecheux used Shiseido products to create a "nude, monochrome face with a dark eye." For eyes, he worked with a brand new eyeshadow quad that will be available later in the year. The shades? Black with tiny flecks of shimmer, silver, pale pink, and buttercream. Very Parisian, and perfect for creating smokey eyes, pale eyes, and everything in between. I'll keep you posted when this one becomes available (I'm definitely wanting one for myself!).

Tom also used a black liquid liner that I actually first noticed on his hand (test swatches that he called his "war paint!"). He explained that its water base gave it its flat, matte quality. I loved it; it had the look of a matte pencil but the precision of a liquid. So be on the lookout for water-based liquid liners!

Lips were nude but still warm and “alive.” It’s so hard to find the right balance for a nude lip, as they can tend to look dead, but Tom is a master at it! He brushed lips with a little foundation, and then applied that gloss stick we talked about earlier, in a pretty nude beige/pink hue. It kept the focus on the eyes without making the lips “disappear.”

Orlando Pita created yet another gorgeous hairstyle, using pincurls that started at the crown of the head (even letting them spill onto the forehead), working backward. This messy updo was just gorgeous on the runway with Doo Ri Chung's collection. Loved it!

Next up, hair and makeup at Jason Wu!

photo: Beauty Addict

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