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Ralph Lauren Collection Top 20 Picks ...

By Mabelle

Stylishly dressing the Olympic team is just one of the many accomplishments of designer Ralph Lauren. With his vast experience in the **fashion industry **– there's no telling where he'll next dig his inspiration for his succeeding collections.

But for his NY Fashion Week show, Ralph Lauren has taken on a fresh look at some of his biggest hits. As Nicole Phelps of has succinctly put it:

Down came last season's gold antlers and up went a Moroccan lamp: Ralph Lauren looked to North Africa for Spring. ...Kudos to Lauren for addressing the diversity issue on the runways, and for a collection well done.

Check out the ultra-fab pieces from the Ralph Lauren Collection for Spring 2009.

This is the opening piece of the collection which is a really interesting ensemble. First, there's the khaki camp shirt with one sleeve ripped at the shoulder. It was matched with gold harem pants, a couple of low-slung belts, a messenger bag and Indiana Jones hat.

Along with Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren **helped revolutionize **men's and women's suit – and this white linen suit with matching metallic tie is a testament to that.

I absolutely love the color and texture of that overcoat – which is bound to be a Ralph Lauren classic!

This urban and sophisticated ensemble is perfect as casual day wear.

This shimmering, flowing dress is formal enough to be worn to a red carpet event.

Look like a modern day queen in this glittery column dress.

This exquisite white stain suit is my personal favorite – and it should come complete with accessories!

Don’t you just love the colors that the great designer incorporated in his Spring '09 collection? This shimmering long dress is simply fab!

Be breathtakingly beautiful in this off-shoulder, linear gown.

The combination of halter neck and the deep V-neckline of this white dress is ultra-sexy!

The combination of black and gold has never looked more exquisite!

The fabulous African safari theme continues with this all-white Ralph Lauren ensemble.

The silhouette of this simple white frock is chic, **stylish **and **casual **all at the same time.

We're seeing a lot of shades bordering on white for the Ralph Lauren collection – and this ensemble is no exception.

Wouldn't you love to wear this ultra-stylish and **feminine **suit to the office? I am so in love with that coat!

This white frock has simple, **elegant **and clean lines.

As the evening wore on, a lot of long, flowing and elegant black dresses graced the runway.

This black evening gown is not-so-formal yet not-so-casual either.

To cap it all off, we have this sheer, satiny and **luxurious black gown **with the gold-and-sheer detailing on the chest.

I can only heave a sigh of envy for the girls who got to first wear the exquisite items from the Ralph Lauren Spring '09 collection. It's definitely hats off for the fine job that the designer did!

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