Healthy You - Protect Your Skin from Stress ...


Healthy You - Protect Your Skin from Stress ...
Healthy You - Protect Your Skin from Stress ...

Do you know the first place stress rears its ugly head? Your skin! According to MSN Health Channel, stress goes for the skin first. Hmm, no wonder my face breaks out like a teenagers whenever I get stressed!

Stress can lead to various negative skin reactions which include the following:

Itchy Rashes



******Cold Sores**

******Fine Lines**



Skin cancer
The top 3 recommended treatments that can repair the damage that stress causes are:

**1. Moisturizer **- My mother was a huge believer in this; she always had the most beautiful skin even at the age of 60.

**2. Retinol **- Sloughs away dead skin cells and also targets acne, age spots and wrinkles.

3. Glycolic acid/salicylic acid pads- Exfoliates and has been found to calm the skin.

Now that you have your skin under control, you need to get a hold of your stress levels. Patricia Carroll, RN,BC, CEN, RRT, MS of the Nurses NotebookWebsite believes the following will help you de-stress your life.






My favorite way to de-stress is to put on my favorite 80’s tunes and dance my butt off, of course I do this when nobody is around ;)

What are your favorite stress busters?

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Great advice on skincare!:)

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