U and Your Skin...


U and Your Skin...
U and Your Skin...

By Louise Thomas-Minns

In this my first of a series of entries I am going to be a little self indulgent and let you into my world as a Beauty therapist and skin specialist. I’ve got to admit I love nothing more than to be the center of attention so for me this is heaven, the opportunity to talk about myself and my journey into the world of the beauty industry….worry not though, I aim to bring you my wealth of knowledge over the next few blogs on all things beauty but in particular my area of expertise the skin.

There will be tips, hints and discussions that you can all partake in and a chance to send me your related questions and comments.

In the beginning it was a career in the dance world that I thought I was destined for, little did I know that it was the fact that I was pretty good at French manicuring my own nails that would secure me a Saturday job in a beauty salon changing my career path and ideals completely.

I graduated in 1996 with a level 3 CIBTAC qualification in beauty therapy and CIDESCO the internationally recognised diploma. My unfortunate inheritance of the Acne gene meant that instead of looking like the glamorous beauty therapist I had visualised myself as I was a spotty, greasy mess. How ironic, day one of my training and I had full blown Acne.

It is, however, this skin problem that plagued me, that ultimately made me the skin specialist and therapist that I am today. I can not only sympathize but empathize with the clients that now seek me out to give them assistance with their skin issues. I love nothing more than nursing skin back to health and use a three dimensional approach to treating the skin.

Louise Thomas-Minns CIBTAC CIDESCO BABTAC is a skin specialist and therapist with over 12 year’s experience based in the UK. She is the owner of U Treatments, a beauty business that brings the salon to you and is about to launch a London skin clinic. She lecturers in, and is an NVQ assessor part time, in beauty therapy.

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