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Paula Abdul's Gloves - Outta Control

By popbytes

hey hey! who else watched american idol tonight? did you happen to notice paula abdul's annoying gloves? i doubt anyone could have missed them - most of the time i don't really notice what she's wearing but as she was talking to brooke white i said to myself out loud 'what the hell is she wearing?!?' they were like tight ass latex plumbing gloves with the finger tips lopped off and the cheap looking bling was way out of control! i was mesmerized by the tackiness of it all - i don't know what she was thinking! perhaps ms. abdul had some hand work done and needed to cover 'em up but lordy what a cover! she's a total wacky lady but there's something about paula i just adore - probably because to this very day i still can't get enough of cold hearted snake - i freakin' love that track! (especially the 'break it down' part) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS damn - david cook's performance blew me away - i was like holy cow! his completely reworked rock version of michael jackson's 'billie jean' was insanely incredible - he totally gets my vote tonight! (his performance is embedded below the pictures of paula and her gloves...)

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