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Heather Amp Denise's Shape off

By popbytes

good evening! below i've got probably my least favorite 'celebrity' denise richards on the cover of the latest issue of shape magazine - if you'll remember back to january of last year - her one-time BFF heather locklear graced the cover of the very same magazine - and definitely has the winning cover in my drummed up 'shape off' heather even got the better backdrop - a beach over denise's lame color gradient! i'll forever be on 'team heather' and whenever i can take a shot at ms. richards i will (although i do feel really bad that her mom died not too long ago) below she talks about being a husband stealer (which she denies but i don't believe everything she says) and her upcoming reality show which i will have to watch since i can never pass up a trainwreck - i guess i'll be tuning into dina lohan's stab at reality as well - ugh - why do i insist on torturing myself?!? popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

on being a husband stealer "i can't tell you how hurtful it was to read this in the press. i would never steal another woman's husband. period. and i will say this: if heather and i really were friends, i would never have gotten together with richie. she was not my best friend. and we were not friends when i started dating him."

on her messy, very public divorce from charlie sheen "i filed court papers that then became public. i called charlie and asked him, 'why do you have to air our dirty laundry? why did you have to bash me? why can't you just say it's a private matter?' in the end, it's the girls who suffer. i just want them to have a good relationship with their dad."

on her new reality show, out this summer "i've been criticized for putting my daughters on the show. but my daughters are my life. how could i do a show about my life without them? i want the show to be real. there's been so much stuff written about me. i want people to make their own judgments and their own decisions."

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