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Paula Abdul Plays Photographer ...

By popbytes

good evening! earlier today wacky yet lovable paula abdul was spotted by the paparazzi having lunch with a friend at beverly hills' restaurant trilussa - then ms. abdul decided to get her clever on and turned the tables on the photographers by whipping out a small camera of her own (other celebs have pulled this silly little stunt like britney spears & adrian grenier) i totally got a kick out of paula flashing the peace sign while trying to take a picture - gosh she's so crafty by doing two things at once - go paula! that peace sign is spreading like hollywood wildfire...first lindsay lohan was on top of that - next miley cyrus started flashing her two fingers and now ms. abdul is joining in! as for american idol tonight - i do love dolly parton to pieces but overall i thought the whole night was a complete bore (at least last week paula's ridiculous gloves brought some excitement) i'll say that cutie michael johns had the best performance of the night (except his constant frowning was freaking me out) and **david archuleta** has a incredible voice but he's so damn boring - oh him and that argyle sweater - ugh! (as for **syesha mercado** - she made a big mistake by taking on the whitney houston version of 'i will always love you') they keep saying this is the best season of 'idol' yet but i'm not buying into that statement at all - is anybody else?!? popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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