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Gossip Girl Finally Comes to the UK

By Fashion

Gossip Girl FINALLY premieres in the UK tonight night, and Fashionista has some advice for us Gossip Girl newbies:

1 Stock up on Head Accessories (think Bejeweled Headbands, Scarves, Big Barrettes) Now before Everybody else Decides They're Blair and Shows up to Work Glittering with Stacey Lapidus Holding Back Last Season's Bangs

2 Stock up at La Perla or Even with Elle MacPherson's Lingerie. You Will Seriously Reconsider Striped Underwear after Blair Gets down to a Vintage Slip in "Victor, Victrola."


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3 Get Ready for Teenage School Kids Embellishing Their Outfits with Ribbon Trim and a Hot Glue Gun - Thanks Blair!

4 Do Not Ever Begin a Conversation with, "Can You Believe Serena Slept with Nate?!" or Something like That, Lest Your Desk Mate Bends a Stapler around Your Monitor. All Friday Morning Conversation Must Begin with, "Hey, Did You See Gossip Girl Last Night?" and Continue from There

Now this will mean a lot to the American readers, but nothing to us Brits, yet.

I can not wait, my sister has seen a preview and is already addicted.

Starts at 10pm on ITV2.


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