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Wait This Isn't a Real Marc Jacobs Campaign

By Josh

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As much as it pains me to have to say it, this isn't actually the new ad campaign for Marc Jacobs' Summer 2008 athletic wear collection. Instead, it's just a really cleverly-crafted spoof. I do think Marc Jacobs should take notes, however. Watching how cool John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg look in a fancy hotel suite totally makes me want to buy a tracksuit and headband.

Of course, I'm all about looking like a tennis player or golfer on a daily basis. Maybe not in the Will Farrell sort of way that these guys are pulling it off, but plimsolls or other country club attire is always a good way to ground an outfit in some kind of conservative waspy tradition. Plus, it's alway good to appear to wield more influence than you actually do.

After a lot of surfing, Fashionista found out where these ads came from. It's some creative firm in NYC -- no surprises there. This might have been the coolest viral ad campaign since those Tea Partay videos, except I don't remember wanting to actually try alcoholic iced tea after that. As it stands, it's a heck of a viral portfolio piece.

[via Fashionista]

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