OjonPRODUCT REVIEW Ojon Restorative Hair Treatmen ...


OjonPRODUCT REVIEW Ojon Restorative Hair Treatmen ...
OjonPRODUCT REVIEW Ojon Restorative Hair Treatmen ...

ojonPRODUCT REVIEW: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Ojon 5 - Piece "Try Me" Hair Ritual Kit

So on my road to makeoverville, first was skin, now it's hair.

Product buzz? Ojon.

Ojon's treatments is based all about the Ojon Nut from the rainforest. Brilliant no? This 5 piece gift set (or a try me set I would call it) gives about 4-5 treatments. So treat I do..

First step:

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Take about 1/2 Teaspoon of the Treatment into Your Hands, Warm up between Palms and Spread Throughout Hair. This Very Nutty Scented, and Very Gritty Paste Made Me Wonder, Am I Ever Going to Get This out of My Hair?

I would not recommend doing this overnight though they say you can because of the gritty paste (maybe put a saran wrap and shower cap on? Just be alone when you do this... ), and they recommend leaving on for 20 minutes. Thankfully, the wonderful aroma made me think of hawaiian nights and coconuts the entire time.....


Next Rinse with Warm Water. then Shampoo and Condition as per Their Directions. Shampoo Lathered up Great and Reassured Me That It Would Clean My Hair. Quick Trick: if You're Having a Hard Time Getting the Oils out, Try Applying the Shampoo to Dry Hair, Not Wet, Work through, then Add Water. then Shampoo Again if Needed. This Will Remove All the Excess Oils

The conditioner also smelled great and I left on for about 10 minutes, then rinsed out.


Last Step: Apply and Spray on Their Ojon Revitalizing Mist, Which I LOVED. with 100 Percent Pure Ojon Palm Nut Oil, You Have to Shake It First to Activate the Formula. Alcohol-free and Can Be Used Daily

And then follow up with their spray on Glossing Mist. Try it on dry styled hair when flat iron styling to create a sleek finish. Have fine hair? These two are amazing. Super results, shine, glow and doesn't weigh down the hair whatsoever.

End result?

Super super shiny hair. That was about it. Just super shiny... I did notice that a LOT of hair fell out when I shampooed (could be due to my new vitamin supplement hair therapy). I'm not sure if I'll spend $50 for this, when olive oil or almond oil will do pretty much the same thing. But the styling products? They're a keeper!

PS I have been reading about some readers that have gotten this product and that it smelled bad. Well, that's the first sign to tell you that the product went bad. Just return in... and don't use it. It really does smell heavenly..

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What else I want to try? Their

Ojon Hydrating Thickening Spray 4.3 oz

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5 - Piece "Try Me" Hair Ritual Kit $45
This hair restoration ritual comes from the native Tawira Indians of Central America's tropical rainforest, known as "the people of beautiful hair." Rare, organic Ojon oil adds incredible healing moisture at each stage in this five-step ritual to restoring hair to its natural beauty and healthy shine. Excellent for all hair types, especially dry, damaged, and chemically treated.

Kit includes: a


35 Oz Restorative Hair Treatment,

2 fl. oz Ultra Hydrating Shampoo,
2 fl. oz Ultra Hydrating Conditioner,
0.85 fl. oz Revitalizing Mist, and an
0.85 fl. oz Shine & Protect Glossing Mist.

Ojon 5 - Piece "Try Me" Hair Ritual Kit

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